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Vintage Phonographs, Record Players and Turntables

On these pages are pictures, and a little info, on various record players and turntables I have owned over the years. For a few years, I restored these and others like them, and offered them for sale locally, but while it was an enjoyable way to while away many hours, it wasn't, in the end, very profitable. Re-capping amplifiers is not very hard, but figuring out the vagaries of automatic record changers is very time-consuming, as it seems to involve a new learning curve with each machine, and thus spending two days getting a recalcitrant machine to operate satisfactorily was not very profitable, given the time spent on them, as in many cases I could not sell them for more than $200. Many of the units pictured I have sold, but do still own quite a few. Please don't hesitate to write me should you have an interest in one ... it just might still be available. But also be advised that the ones I still have, I do rather cherish, and would probably find it hard to part with them.

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