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All discs are E- to E ... one has sol. Album is in decent shape apart from the front cover which is literally hanging by a thread, as may be seen in the photos. Original booklet is still present.

Josh White: ballads and blues



- I Gave My Love A Cherry (73474) ||   

- The Lass With The Delicate Air (73467) *  



- Evil Hearted Man (72626) []   

- Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (73229) #   



- Frankie And Johnny (72628) []   

- John Henry (72629) []   



- Sometime (73466) **   

- Strange Fruit (73475) ||   


[] rec. December 13, 1944 in New York, NY; Josh White, voc, g; John Simmons, b; J.C. Heard, dr

# rec. December 10, 1945 in New York, NY; Josh White, voc, g; John Simmons, b; Bill White, dr

* rec. March 21, 1946 in New York, NY; Josh White, voc, g; ** Sonny Terry, hca; ** Brownie McGhee; John Simmons, b; J.C. Heard, dr

|| rec. March 26, 1946 in New York, NY; Josh White, voc, g


cover artwork by Ann Brennan Schabbehar (1916-1975)

set of four 78 rpm records
6-pp. booklet with a bio and song texts by Alan Lomax


JOSH WHITE DECCA 78 ALBUM A-447 Ballads & Blues 4 78s

Excluding Sales Tax

    We Use The VJM Record Grading System

    NB 45s use the LP system as below.


    N (78) M (LP). As new and unplayed (there are virtually no 78s that can categorically be claimed to be unplayed).

    N- (78) M- (LP). Nearly Mint, but has been played. No visible signs of wear or damage.

    E+ (78) VG+ (LP). Plays like new, with very, very few signs of handling, such as tiny scuffs from being slipped in and out of jackets.

    E (78) VG (LP). Still very shiny, near new looking, with no visible signs of wear, but a few inaudible scuffs and scratches.

    E- (78) VG- (LP). Still shiny but without the lustre of a new record, few light scratches.  LP: Some wear, scratches and scuffs, but no skipped or repeat grooves.

    V+ (78) G+ (LP) V+ is an average condition 78 in which scuffs and general use has dulled the finish somewhat. Wear is moderate but playing is generally free from distortion. Surface noise not overly pronounced. LP: Below average with scuffs and scratches on fewer than half the tracks. No skips or repeat grooves.

    V (78) G (LP). Moderate, even wear throughout, but still very playable. Surface noise and scratches audible but not intrusive.

    V- (78) G- (LP). Quite playable still, but distortion and heavy greying in loud passages. Music remains loud in most passages. Surface noise and scratches well below music level. LP: Lowest Grade. Audible scratches, etc. on more than half the tracks. Listening uncomfortable.

    G+ (78). Grey throughout but still serviceable. Music begins to sound muffled. Heavy scratches.

    G (78). Quite seriously worn and scratched, but music level is still higher than surface noise.

    G- (78). Music still prominent, but wear and scratch damage extensive.

    F (78). Most of music remains audible over surface noise, but listening now uncomfortable.

    P (78). Unplayable.

    NB: Damage to labels and jackets (LP) should be noted whenever present.


    Abbreviations: sfc = surface; lbl = label; nap = not affecting play; scr/scrs = scratch/scratches; lc = lamination crack; cr = crack; hlc/hc = hairline crack; wol = writing on label; sol = sticker on label; fade = faded label; gr/grs = groove/grooves; eb = edge bite; ec = edge chip; ef = edge flake; rc = rim chip.


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